UV-C Robot Disinfection

For use in institutions with increased cleaning and disinfection requirements, our disinfection robot XD-2 does an excellent job by eliminating germs of all kinds (viruses, bacteria, fungi). 


  • High decontamination
    The approximately 1.80 meter large XD-2 has 3 chambers
    with 2 UV lamps each. With these he achieves a very high level of decontamination dynamically and close to the walls or surfaces.
  • Highly effective despite being invisible
    The invisible UV-C range is not visible to the human eye, but its ultraviolet light enables the autonomous disinfection and killing of harmful pathogens or germs.
  • 360 degree disinfection
    The result is a 360 degree disinfection on an area of ​​25 to 80 square meters per minute, even in hard or inaccessible places.
  • No risk of virus resistance
    The XD-2 is also suitable for the use of chemical
    disinfection, whereby the robotic application has the advantage that viruses and drugs do not become resistant even with frequent use, 

    that the killing of viruses and other pathogens cannot lead to the development of resistance and there is no risk of secondary pollution.             

  • Trained staff

    The mobile remote control via tablet is carried out by our trained staff at a distance of at least 6 meters, whereby the topography of the room can also be precisely recorded.

With the UV-C Robotic Disinfection by our device XD-2 you contribute to the effective prevention of the virus spread!


99.9% disinfection

The test results of the tests according to strict standards show a sensational 99.99% disinfection efficiency!


Destroys the virus envelope

Viral genetic material is destroyed and the virus envelope including SARS-CoV2 is rendered harmless.



No space limitation

It can be used to clean all surfaces - stacked materials as well as protective clothing.[2]


Useful addition

The use of robots is ideal for complete cleaning and disinfection - as a valuable addition to chemical cleaning.


Environmentally friendly

Compared to other cleaning, no chemical cleaning agents have to be used and there is no waste.


Builds trust

The UV-C disinfection creates trust with your customer groups and in the company with your employees.

 1) In contrast to disinfection with liquids, which in rooms is mainly restricted to smooth, flat surfaces (wipe infection).

References: Gerchman Y et al: J Photochem Photobiol B. 2020. PMID: 33022467. Narita K et al: J Hosp Infect. 2020 Mar 31. S0195-6701(20)30129-8; de Alba et al:  Microorganisms 2021, 9, 172

Safe unlocking for your company

The disinfection robot XD-2 is a new option for surface disinfection and is particularly suitable for use in hotels and restaurants, medical practices and hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, schools and kindergartens or fitness studios and event rooms.


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