Our covitainers

To make an appointment for a PCR test online, please click on STANDARD or STANDARD LIGHT, from there you can register on a login mask. After registering, you can register for an appointment online.
To make an online appointment for an antigen test, please click on ANTIGEN, from there you will be directed to a login mask to register. After registering, you can register for an appointment online.

PCR STANDARD: Result within 2 to 6 hours from receipt of the sample in the laboratory.
PCR STANDARD LIGHT: Result within 24 hours of receiving the sample in the laboratory.
ANTIGEN: High quality luminescence antigen test. Results in approx. 12 minutes from the nasopharyngeal swab.

Here you can see an overview of our locations and the opening times and test times.

Please visit our partner too!
Our Covitainer BASIC are swab stations operated by our external partners. Gargle samples are taken here during the PCR test and then brought to our nearest high-performance laboratory ("Covitainer") for PCR evaluation.
Online payment is unfortunately not possible here, payment is made on site with a debit or credit card.

PCR STANDARD (Appointments until 11 a.m.): Result on the same day
PCR STANDARD LIGHT (Appointments after 11 a.m.): Result on the following day

Payment is made on site by debit or credit card, unfortunately online payment is not possible here.

In order to be able to book and manage appointments correctly, please use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari are currently not supported.