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We are a team of ambitious specialists who want to contribute to combating the spread of the coronavirus with innovative ideas. With medical support, we have developed high-quality corona test systems that are analyzed and evaluated in our high-performance container laboratories. In the meantime, our corona test systems are well established on the market and, in addition to a large number of tested private individuals, we can count many companies and institutions among satisfied customers.

Mag. Boris J. Fahrnberger
Boris J. Fahrnberger, M.D.
Founder and CEO

“In times of crisis only quick, decisive and courageous action will help. That is why we made an early decision not to sit and watch the coronavirus spread. With the Corona test systems used we can analyze and evaluate precise and fast results directly in our Covitainers and we now offer other innovative test methods that are intended to restore our safety and quality of life. "

Univ.Prof. DDr. Pierre Hopmeier
Univ.Prof. DDr. Pierre Hopmeier
Laboratory Physician & Human Geneticist

“I support the initiatives of the COVID Fighters because I think that in the current situation it makes sense to have mobile test stations and generally innovative systems. In this way, the COVID-19 examinations can be carried out very quickly on site and the result can be transmitted in the shortest possible time and all this under specialist medical supervision and assessment as well as compliance with all quality and safety standards. "


With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our daily routine at the clinic changed suddenly! Despite constantly updated pandemic plans, constant action and reaction was required - the very limited scope for treatment for seriously ill patients and the extremely high number of unreported virus carriers without symptoms made us difficult decisions. In addition to reducing social contacts (still successful in spring 2020), distance, ventilation, hand hygiene and masks, the PCR test remained the best chance to contain the spread of the disease.
At the height of the corona pandemic in January 2021, it was important to us to offer our employees a safe working environment and to ensure a smooth day-to-day work. The short-term implementation of our ideas for the weekly tests of all Heißenberger employees - simple registration of the people to be tested, testing in the company and a quick test result - were implemented as requested by the COVID Fighters from the start. We are happy to have a professional partner in the fight against Covid19 at our side with the COVID Fighters.
HARTL HAUS realizes the dream of their own four walls for around 200 families throughout Austria every year. We are creating a new home and this moment is a once in a lifetime experience for most people. Worries and fears shouldn't be an issue at this special event. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the on-site conditions on the construction sites for us too. HARTL houses are assembled by our in-house assembly specialists. Our top priority is the protection of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers on site. With hygiene concepts and protective measures, we also guarantee a safe process on our construction sites. Regular tests of our employees on the construction sites are a must for us. The COVID Fighters are the perfect partner for us here. The quick and safe process of testing in the COVID Fighters' covidainers gives us and our employees the security of making an important contribution to combating the pandemic. The uncomplicated appointments and professional organization of the Covid Fighters make our everyday work much easier. Many Thanks.
The gurgle test was performed for the first time yesterday morning at my elementary school. On behalf of my school team and my students, I would like to thank you very much for carrying out the gargle test. Thanks to the 2 supervisors who carried out the test with the children and who acted very professionally and calmly. We would be happy to repeat this test or repeat it over and over again, if provided.
As the Austrian Judo Association, we are a very satisfied customer of the COVID Fighters. Not only the friendly customer service, the easy organization online, but also the flexibility in the case of last-minute changes should be emphasized. The COVID Fighters are our first point of contact, especially when tests are required on the weekends.

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Founder and CEO
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Dr. med. Ferenc Előd Ráduly, Specialist in internal medicine
Commercial director - medical director
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