TestMA - for companies in Lower Austria

TestMA is the COVID Fighters' latest contribution to businesses in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic.
With TestMA, you can protect your employees through regular, high-quality PCR gold standard testing. The tests are cost-neutral, the test costs are paid to the participating companies with business location in Lower Austria by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) to 100% refunded.*

All current information about the promotion of PCR testing in Lower Austrian companies can be found here on the website of the Chamber of Commerce:

Which companies can participate?

The prerequisite for participation is the company headquarters in Lower Austria. The size of the company does not matter.

How does TestMA work and what do I need to keep in mind when performing the tests?

The companies receive high quality PCR tests with detailed instructions from us in COVID Fighters boxes of 50 or 300 pieces each. Shipping is handled by our partner, the postal service. Rinsing is carried out at the company site without exception.

For new customers ABOUT 50 employees at the company site applies:
The TestMA Test kits must be ordered at least 10 days before the first scheduled use of the PCR tests in the company, by 12 noon on Wednesday. The first collection will take place on Monday of the week after next. Thereafter, the PCR tests are collected daily - regardless of the number of units - on working days.

For new customers UNDER 50 employees at the company location applies:
Drop-off on the next working day at a collection point of the branch offices of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce during the respective opening hours.

Instructions for performing the test - page 1

Instructions for performing the test - page 2

For a more detailed view, please download the instructions to your device. You can also find detailed instructions for the entire process here as a PDF file to download: Instruction TestMA


Each PCR test is securely packaged with tissue towel (for protection in case of liquid leakage), plastic bag and small COVID Fighters box and can therefore be transported by mail.


All companies get the TestMA Test kits supplied by Austrian Post. For companies with more than 50 employees, additional tissue bags are supplied for on-site collection.

On-site collection in larger companies

Companies with more than 50 employees place the PCR tests with packaging in the supplied tissue bag after testing. This tissue bag is collected directly from the company. For each tissue bag collected, a new one is provided free of charge.

Collection from the collection points for smaller companies

Companies with less than 50 employees bring the samples to one of the collection points, the field offices of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The samples are collected from there by the post office and brought directly to our laboratory.

Pick-up times

Collection times are - both in the companies and at the field offices of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce - Monday to Friday between 10 am and 3 pm. The bags or samples must be ready for collection at 10 am.

Test result

The result of our valid and high quality PCR test evaluation is available within 24 hours after receipt in the laboratory.


Especially practical for the companies:
According to the funding guideline, the tests are cost-neutral. The test cost of €10 per piece will be refunded. To do so, submit the statement to AWS and you will be refunded 100% of the cost on a quarterly basis. The instructions for billing and reimbursement are described in detail at the following link: https://www.aws.at/corona-hilfen-des-bundes/covid-test-in-unternehmen/

Who can be tested in the TestMA program?

TestMA includes not only employees. In addition, customers, friends and family can be tested under the same conditions.

More questions?

If you would like to participate with your company, please register at the following link: 

>>> my.covidfighters.com <<<

* Reimbursement of costs will only be granted if the funding guideline is adhered to. You can find more info at our FAQs or under: Operational testing: Test roads, test kits, cost contribution -. WKO.at.

You can also reach us at:


+43 720 980 990
(Monday to sunday from 08:00 to 20:00)