PCR vs antibody test

It's ubiquitous - the new type of COVID-19 virus, also known colloquially as the corona virus. Accompanied for a few months and the corona virus in everyday life. Even small infections such as a cold or general malaise make people sit up and take notice. One is worried. Could it be the COVID-19 virus after all? One has become cautious. Carefully so as not to infect yourself, but also so as not to endanger other people. Especially in this pandemic time, we should reduce the risk of infection as much as possible. Options for COVID-19 tests must be used flexibly and across the board in order to contain the infection process as much as possible. The COVID fighters have made a major contribution to this. In the past few months, 7,000 COVID tests have already been carried out in the first mobile COVID fighter laboratory in Scheibbs.

If there is a suspicion of being infected with the COVID-19 virus, a corona test provides information. The usual test procedure to determine a possible corona infection turns out to be relatively tedious. After an appointment with the doctor has been made and a sample has been taken from the patient, it is sent to the appropriate laboratory. There the COVID sample is analyzed and the corresponding result is then sent to the doctor. A couple of days go by before you really know. The waiting times are significantly reduced by the laboratories of the COVID Fighter.

In the event of a suspected corona case, however, you should go to quarantine at home. The waiting times limit the patient's freedom to some extent. The quality of life is already somewhat inhibited by the general anti-corona measures in public. Long waiting times for Corona test results limit us further - privately and professionally.

We, the COVID Fighters, have therefore developed a super-fast way to get the COVID-19 test result on the same day. The quarantine time is reduced to a minimum, because in our two mobile laboratories, the "Covitainers", the samples are taken and evaluated directly on site. The corona test results are available in an uncomplicated, quick and unbureaucratic manner.

The PCR test

The COVID fighters carry out PCR tests. The PCR process is also known as the “genome test”. The qualified COVID Fighter Team takes a swab from the mouth / throat and nose with a cotton swab. The sample is then analyzed in our Covitainer with a so-called "qPCR device". In the PCR test, part of the COVID-19 genome is reproduced millions of times. These copies are marked in color so that these markings provide information about a positive or negative corona test result.

Why do the COVID fighters use the PCR test?

With the PCR test, we can deliver a corona test result within a few hours. The PCR test procedure therefore delivers quick results and is suitable for early diagnosis. The big advantage of the PCR test: the viruses can be detected before the COVID-19 virus has actually broken out. The immune system of the human body has not yet responded to the virus and produced antibodies. The incubation period for the COVID-19 virus is 5-14 days. Very few pathogens are recognized, so the PCR test is an extremely safe test method even in the first stage of a possible corona infection.

In Austria, the first restrictive measures will be imposed on March 10th. For example, Italians are no longer allowed to enter the country and universities are closed, and the mask requirement is announced. The next day, the WHO proclaims the global pandemic. European countries such as Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic seal off their national borders in order to minimize the risk of corona spread by people entering and passing through.

What is the difference to the antibody test?

The antibody test shows whether the immune system was already infected with the COVID-19 virus. After the COVID-19 virus enters the body via the mucous membranes, the immune system reacts to the virus with antibodies. The pathogen should finally be fought with the body's own means. 

However, antibodies can only be detected in the blood around 12-14 days after a COVID-19 infection, because these only form during the course of the infection. It is therefore possible that there has already been an unnoticed corona outbreak in your own body in the past. The typical corona symptoms such as cough, fever or sore throat are not felt in every patient.

In the antibody test, a blood sample is taken and processed and analyzed in a laboratory. A part of the COVID-19 virus is added to the blood sample sent. If antibodies then adhere to the pathogen cells, the corona test result is positive and the body was already infected with the corona virus.

An acute corona infection cannot be safely excluded or confirmed with an antibody test because the body only needs a few days to form antibodies. The antibody test is therefore not suitable for an early diagnosis. This procedure is more suitable as a supplementary test to find out whether you have already survived a COVID-19 infection.

A COVID-19 infection can therefore only be reliably tested with the PCR test we have chosen, because the viruses currently present can be detected here.

Would you like to be tested for COVID-19 via the COVID Fighters?

We currently have three mobile laboratories available for you as COVID test centers. The COVID fighters are already working to make even more mobile laboratories available in the country. You can choose between the Covitainers in Scheibbs, Podersdorf and Brunn am Gebirge, depending on which Covitainer is best for you to reach. After you log on to the Homepage you can easily book an appointment with the COVID fighters online. With the help of our appointment booking tool, long waiting times are avoided right from the start. With this we protect you and can work effectively. With the COVID-19 test via COVID Fighter you are hardly limited in time, as is often the case with conventional corona test procedures. In order to minimize the risk of infection, the COVID-19 test samples are taken outdoors and evaluated directly on site.

After the sample has been assessed by a specialist, you can view the reliable test result online. on the same day.