PCR tests whenever and wherever you want

Our mobile test teams are on the road on your behalf and now carry out PCR test swabs where you want: on site at your home, in your company, hotel or at your event location. 

We are now coming to you for PCR testing!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Confirmation of rapid test results
    If your rapid antigen test result is positive, you do not need to leave home for confirmation by PCR.
  • Have it conveniently tested on site
    Here you determine when and, above all, where you want to be tested for the coronavirus - at home or at another location (e.g. hotel, coach at national borders).
  • Fast PCR test result
    In the case of PCR tests taken by 12 noon, you will receive an SMS and e-mail on the same day within 2 to 6 hours (from receipt in our laboratory) about the arrival of the test result on your customer account, from 12 noon during the following working day.
  • Reliable support
    Our mobile team is medically trained and proven in taking PCR test samples.
  • Reported by a specialist
    The PCR test results are evaluated in our mobile laboratories and then electronically diagnosed by a specialist.


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After a short time: result!

Take advantage of the most convenient option for PCR testing now!

The reasons for the need for mobile PCR tests can be varied:

  • Necessity in the course of trips abroad.
  • For free testing or purest testing.
  • For reasons of time or because it is convenient. 
  • Belonging to a risk group. 
  • Before operations or other important appointments.
  • Because you would prefer to have the PCR test carried out in a familiar environment.
  • If you have symptoms of COVID19 disease.


The price is € 137.50 per person, the flat-rate travel allowance of € 60 (0-30 km radius) or € 100 (31-50 km radius) is limited to one address (household). The area refers to the respective location of the COVID Fighters (see overview), from a distance of 51 km we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Our offer is based on Austria including the national borders. The costs are to be paid on site with a debit card or credit card on the mobile payment device of our test team employees. For further questions and to book an appointment, please contact our support - by email at support@covidfighters.com or by phone at +43 720 980 990 103.

Overview of our locations

The circles in the respective maps show the area around our locations, divided into 0-30 km and 31-50 km radius.
If you click on "Open map", you can also calculate the distance manually.

Location Vienna

Lastenstr. 30, 1230 Wien

Location Bruck an der Leitha

Eco-Plus-Park 4. Straße, 2460 Bruck an der Leitha

Location Scheibbs

Eisenwurzenstr. 26, 3270 Scheibbs

Location Linz - Leonding

Im Bäckerfeld 1, 4060 Leonding

Location Graz - Raaba

Dr. Auner Str. 13, 8074 Raaba

Location Horn

Raabser Str. 34, 3580 Horn

PCR tests according to the gold standard

With the RT-PCR tests we use, we can detect a possible corona infection a few days before a person is contagious to others. This is made possible by the prompt evaluation on site and the rapid electronic forwarding to the subsequent specialist medical report - and the test subjects receive their PCR test result in at least 2 hours!

Rapid antigen test: result within 12 minutes!

We offer high-quality antigen tests as rapid tests with a test result within 12 minutes - fast, easy and realiable.