Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions related to PCR school testing:

The mouth rinse test contains saline solution, specifically 4 ml of 0.9%iger NaCl (food grade saline).

The test kit is registered and a marketable medical device. Since it is drinking water with table salt, there are no known incompatibilities. If children or adolescents accidentally swallow some of the liquid, this does not pose a problem. By way of comparison, one tablespoon of soup contains four times as much table salt as the mouth rinse.

The mouth rinse tests are an Austrian product and are manufactured in Austria.

There are ongoing quality controls and random testing.

For correct laboratory analysis, it is important that children and adolescents do not eat anything or drink sweet beverages 30 minutes before the mouth rinse test. In the handling of the mouth rinse test, it is important to stick the label on the dry tube - before starting the test- and to screw the tube tightly after testing.

The PCR samples are stored by the school in special bags in a secure location at the school at 8:30 am on the respective test day. Our logistics partner Goldkey, which has broad experience in drug transport, collects the sensitive samples directly from the school and then transports them to the COVID Fighters' large-scale laboratory at the VAZ in St. Pölten for evaluation. 

Using a special app, we can see which schools have already been hit and which are next on the drivers' route. The bags are scanned at pickup, so it is impossible to mistakenly pick up another test bag that is not evaluated by COVID Fighters.

For more information on our logistics partner Goldkey, please visit:

If a sample is accidentally not picked up, the driver will drive to the school again and pick up the samples. We request the schools to provide the sample bags punctually at 8:30 am.

If there is food residue in the sample, this will lead to an adulterated and therefore non-evaluable sample. A sample with a missing label cannot be evaluated either, as it cannot be assigned to a QR code.

We transmit the test results to the schools at 7 a.m. the following day.

COVID Fighters do not have any information about individuals for privacy reasons. We transmit the laboratory result to the school. In case of a positive case, the school will inform the parents of the child.

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