RT-LAMP Coronatest

You are planning an important live event or want to keep your company running? Then RT-LAMP testing as a simple, rapid and meaningful SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic method is an optimal and inexpensive way to do so.

Especially when sampling larger quantities, the RT-LAMP method offers many advantages over other methods:

All benefits at a glance

Rapid test result from 35 minutes!

Already after a short time you get certainty about the result for each sample - including written findings.[1]


Qualitatively comparable with PCR

The RT-LAMP method is a high-quality and recognized method that approaches PCR.



More sensitive & valid than antigen tests

Our RT-LAMP system is more sensitive and more valid than most of the antigen tests in use today.

More convenient by gargling

In addition to nasal/pharyngeal and throat swab, we mainly perform the gargle test here, which is more comfortable for many.



Quantity advantage in the sensitivity

In the RT-LAMP method, subjects with Ct values below 30 can be detected very quickly and reliably compared to PCR pool testing.[2]

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Efficient & cost-saving

We perform RT-LAMP test acceptance at our Covitainer locations or on-site at your location - at a fair price/performance ratio!

1 Written findings without specialist confirmation can be issued for an additional charge of 5 €/test. 
2 Even against highly pooled RT-PCR assays, the RT-LAMP can keep up and may rank ahead of it in validity and just behind it in sensitivity.

Antigen tests - result within 15-20 minutes!

We offer high quality antigen tests as rapid tests with a test result within 15-20 minutes - quick, easy and reliable.

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