COVID Fighters as a partner for your medical practice

We support doctors as a private provider of PCR tests and antigen tests, for example in the event that your patients need a corona test in preparation for an intervention.

All benefits at a glance

Special rate

If there is an increased need for corona tests, we grant special prices to medical practice operators. 

Complete transparency

An admin account is given to whoever should have access to the test result - i.e. always the test person concerned and, if necessary (and with the consent of your patient), you as the responsible doctor.

Corona tests in your medical practice or at one of our locations

There are several ways of working together, depending on your needs:

  • Our medically trained staff can take test swabs in your medical office. The billing could be done directly with you and you would pass the service on to your patients.
  • The tests can be taken in the Covitainer at one of our locations and billed directly to your medical practice.
  • With a higher number of tests, we can also place a Covitainer or a tent structure on site. 

Expertly diagnosed and quickly available

Unsere PCR Tests werden fachärztlich befundet und die Testergebnisse stehen in mindestens 2 Stunden zur Verfügung.

Antigen tests - result within 12 minutes!

We offer high-quality antigen tests as rapid tests with a test result within 12 minutes - fast, easy and realiable.

What are the advantages of PCR testing?

Contact us

You can also reach us at:

+43 720 980 990
(Monday to sunday from 08:00 to 20:00)