Anna Lilly Geischläger national champion in the eventing competition

Anna Lilly Geischläger from Gösting an der Ybbs, who is only 13 years old, became Austrian State Champion in the eventing competition at the weekend. At the riding competition in Feldbach in Styria 28 participants competed, Anna Lilly was by far the youngest among them. The young Göstlinger proved courage and skill in overcoming the obstacles with her horse Marek and won the eventing competition. "I can't believe it yet that I am the state champion," Anna Lilly commented on her victory, "I am very happy and also very satisfied with my horse Marek!"

Anna Lilly has been riding since the age of 3, and she has owned the gelding Marek for two years. The two are trained by the riding coach and tournament rider Lea Siegl.

The young exceptional talent is sponsored by the medical company COVID Fighters. Company founder Boris Fahrnberger is delighted about Anna Lilly's title and says: "I am quite proud that we are able to support the young Göstlinger Anna Lilly Geischläger in her riding career."

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