Become a COVID Angel

Do you like to be on the road and love to be in the fresh air? Are you based in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Vienna, Styria or Burgenland?

Would you like to do something good in these difficult times and also receive additional income?
Then become a COVID Angel now and support the COVID Fighters!


On axis

You drive to companies, hotels and other facilities that have previously contacted us.

On site

On site, you lead the spit test, label the samples and do the accounting.

And return

You collect the samples and take them to our Covitainers nearby and hand them over to our laboratory team.
This evaluates the samples and notifies the tested people.


On axis

You are where you want to be, on the street, with your vehicle.

Slight additional income

For each sample you take, you will earn an amount of EUR 14.00 per sample, an attractive flat rate for larger quantities.

Part of a good cause

As a COVID Angel you are part of the COVID Fighters, an initiative of Artichoke Computing GmbH.
You support that even more people get certainty about a Covid-19 infection.

Questions and answers

With your work you make a significant contribution to the fact that even more people can benefit from our tests. 

In contrast to the free tests at the borders or airports, our test is not free, but with a freely selectable date. The test result is sent to the person tested within 24 hours after the sample was taken, so that the quarantine period can be shortened considerably.

Of course, you can also work as a COVID Angel by car, e-bike or scooter. The main thing is that you are mobile and can easily reach the location.

We are currently running trips in Lower and Upper Austria, Burgenland, Vienna and parts of Styria.

We currently have Covitainers in Scheibbs, Bruck / Leitha, Vienna 23, Leonding / Linz, Graz / Raaba, and in Horn.

Be part of the good guys!

With your commitment, you make a significant contribution to ensuring that even more people can benefit from our COVID fighter tests and are guaranteed to have their results within 24
hours of the sample being taken. 

About the COVID Fighters

Actually, we wanted to really get started with our newly founded IT company, but then the corona crisis came and we reinvented ourselves! 
With our mobile test laboratories, Covitainer as we affectionately call them, we create access for authorities, companies and private individuals to be tested for the Covid-19 virus quickly and according to recognized methods. 
The people tested receive the result on the same day (when testing in the Covitainer on site).