COVID Fighters support a safe start at school

We are pleased to provide reliable and rapid PCR testing by COVID Fighters to ensure a safe start to the new 2021/22 school year. Specifically, during the safety phase at the start of the school year, we evaluate oral rinse tests of students in elementary and special schools in Vienna, as well as students in all types and levels of schools in Lower Austria and Upper Austria. Sample collection in ...

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Delta variant on the rise

A current screening of the positive samples of the Covitainer laboratory in Scheibbs shows: 44.4 % of the positive cases within the last 14 days show the T478K mutation, which is characteristic for the delta variant. Thus, the analysis of COVID Fighters in Mostviertel is just below the Austrian average of 47% delta cases. Photo: copyright covidfighters

Anna Lilly Geischläger national champion in the eventing competition

Anna Lilly Geischläger from Gösting an der Ybbs, who is only 13 years old, became Austrian State Champion in the eventing competition at the weekend. At the riding competition in Feldbach in Styria 28 participants competed, Anna Lilly was by far the youngest among them. The young Göstlinger proved with her horse Marek courage and skill in overcoming the ...

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COVID Fighters in Germany

In the Fürth district near Nuremberg, DATEV now offers PCR tests for schools and kindergartens using the high-quality test and analysis Covitainer from COVID Fighters. The participating children receive their own test material and take a gargle test in the morning under the supervision of their parents, which is then evaluated in the Covitainer. We're glad …

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Covid Fighters in Lower Austria today, May 7th, 2021

Covid Fighters in Lower Austria today, May 7th, 2021 Tested quickly and safely - that interests many, including ORF Lower Austria! With the Covitainers, the Covid Fighters have all the technology for evaluation on site. The ORF Lower Austria visited us in Bruck / Leitha. Take a look at the post from May 7th, 2021!

Covid 19 chronology

The hitherto unknown virus seemed far, far away when it first appeared in China's Wuhan Province in early December 2019 and was reported by China to the WHO (World Health Organization) at the end of the same month. In Austria and the rest of Europe, what is happening is initially observed from a distance. On January 09, 2020 ...

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PCR vs antibody test

It's ubiquitous - the new type of COVID-19 virus, also known colloquially as the corona virus. Accompanied for a few months and the corona virus in everyday life. Even small infections such as a cold or general malaise make people sit up and take notice. One is worried. Could it be the COVID-19 virus after all? One has become cautious. Careful to yourself ...

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