The innovative PCR test system from COVID Fighters

Hardly any other topic occupies people globally as much as the current COVID-19 crisis. Within a few months, the world has changed completely and has come to a virtual standstill. There has certainly never been anything comparable in recent decades. The restrictions of the past weeks and months are unprecedented and everyone has experienced what it means to be suddenly isolated, whether privately or professionally.

Already at the beginning of the pandemic we - the COVID Fighters - realized that we want to provide help. Not only to our communities, in which we create clarity about the spread of the virus with our concept and help to slow down its spread. We also want to help people by restoring their quality of life. 

It is really important to maintain the high standard of our safety. But as a next step, we are now in a position to reliably recapture a part of our everyday life.

Ultra-fast, local COVID-19 testing

COVID Fighters has developed an advanced local test system to detect SARS-CoV-2 quickly and reliable. After only about two hours you will receive valid, medically verified test results.

1. make an appointment

Register online via our appointment booking tool for an appointment at a test station near you.

2. go to the test station

Come to the test station on the date you have chosen, ideally by car. You can wait in the car with the windows closed, or you can come in front of the container in compliance with the applicable rules.

3. taking the sample

Trained assistants will take the nasopharyngeal swab in front of the test container or come directly to your car for this purpose.

4. evaluation of the sample

The assistants bring the sample to our laboratory staff, who process it and prepare it for analysis.

5. Meanwhile: Break

The processing of your sample takes about 2 hours. During this time you can either wait in the car or stretch your legs. However, be careful to remain isolated!

6. the result

You will receive your valid, medically verified test result. If it is positive, the local authorities will be informed and you will have to go into quarantine. If it is negative you will receive a negative attestation as proof that you have been tested and are not infectious.

Advantages of the COVID Fighters

Infectivity only exists shortly before the outbreak of the COVID virus. The incubation period is 5 - 14 days, but can also be 2 days in exceptional cases. With our tests we provide a relative safety for a maximum of 4 days for tested persons. Furthermore, early detection of the infection can help to increase a mild course of the disease. The local spread of the disease can be shown in 'near-time' by testing in the population. Currently, these tests are our only possibility - vaccinations or medication are still in the distant future..

A PCR test is not comparable to an antibody test.

Bei dem von uns durchgeführten Test, einem sogenannten PCR-Test oder Genom-Test, wird ein Nasen-Rachen-Abstrich durchgeführt. Ein Abstrichtupfer wird durch die Nase bis in den Rachen eingeführt, um eine Probe zu entnehmen. Dort ist die Konzentration von Sars-CoV-2 vor allem zu Beginn einer Infektion, am höchsten. Anschließend wird die Probe in unserem eigenen angeschlossenen Labor untersucht – dies ermöglicht die kurzen Wartezeiten. Somit besteht schon nach rund 60 bis 120 Minuten Gewissheit ob die Testperson zum Zeitpunkt der Probenentnahme mit Sars-CoV-2 infiziert war – oder eben nicht. CoVID Fighters misst die Anzahl der tatsächlichen Viren im Körper der Testperson und nicht die vorhandenen Antikörper.

This distinguishes our test from the widely used antibody tests, because they measure the antibodies in the blood of the test person and can therefore only determine whether a patient has had COVID in the past - but not whether he or she is currently contagious and infected.

Frequently asked questions of the PCR test system

To put it simply, the nasal swab that we take from you on site will be analysed of viruses in your organism by separating the RNA and processing it with a so-called qPCR device. Due to the accuracy of our test, it is possible to detect coronavirus infection from just 50 viruses - that means shortly after infection.

Your swab will be analyzed by our trained staff shortly after removal. In normal operation, the result is available after two hours. Depending on the volume, the waiting time can be slightly longer.

The evaluation of your result is up to the doctors and the local health authorities. If the test result is negative, this result can be attested between one and four days.

We are currently in the test phase in individual municipalities in Austria. You will soon be able to see where your nearest testing facility is located here at our site. At the moment, the test made available by ArtichokeMED CoVID-19 is only available in Austria.

Our COVID-19 genome test costs 165€ when booked through our online reservation system. You can find it at . There you can also choose your preferred date. If you do not book your appointment in advance, additional costs may accur on site. For a larger number of tests please contact us via the contact form or

“Should I get tested for the corona virus or not?” most of us are wondering in view of the increasing number of infections. If you want to know your status - yes. The test can detect the virus days before the onset of the disease, meaning at a very early stage. At this stage, you are not yet transmitting the infection.


The test is taken using a so-called nasopharyngeal smear, simply put – a smear from the nasopharynx with a type of cotton swab. The swab is then placed in a sample tube and analyzed by our team. Our entire team is medically trained and will always try to make the smear as pleasant as possible - you can feel a slight pinch, but no pain. The nasopharyngeal smear is not harmful to your health! 

Yes, the use of the test provided by us is safe for your health. The highest disinfection standards prevail on site at all times. Our team will only contact you in protective suits, including gloves and face masks. The swab for the smear is individually sterile packed. 

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Our partners

COVID Fighters is an initative of Artichoke Computing GmbH


COVID-19 facts

COVID-19 has changed the world abruptly and truly turned it upside down. The statistical data will give you a very precise overview of the current state of the COVID-19 crisis.


The virus spreads exponentially. What's needed now are fast, reliable tests. We, as COVID Fighters, want to provide exactly these. People should be able to lead a relatively normal life with a feeling of security even in times of official restrictions. Currently the only way to achieve this is intensive testing.

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The worldwide death rate is increasing exponentially day by day. Early, extensive testing can save many lives - and this is where the COVID Fighters Initiative comes in. Every life counts and could be saved by fast and reliable test results.

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Become part of the COVID Fighters!

COVID Fighters is looking intensively for new employees in different areas. We are looking for medical assistants, laboratory assistants and doctors. Sign up now and become part of this groundbreaking initiative!

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Eine zweite COVID-19 Welle erwartet uns Experten zufolge im Herbst. Berechtigt oder nicht, was wir definitiv brauchen sind valide, schnelle Testsysteme, um Freiheit bei größtmöglicher Sicherheit zu garantieren.

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Wir kämpfen dafür, dass Sicherheit und persönliche Freiheit kein Widerspruch sind. #covidfighters #covid19 #coronavirus

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