Corona tests available quickly throughout Austria

We offer highly reliable PCR tests and rapid antigen tests

We are the COVID Fighters and fight for your safety and quality of life! With the ongoing development of high-quality test systems with specialist medical support, we contribute to the rapid and reliable detection of the coronavirus. We now have our ultrafast RT-PCR tests and luminescence antigen rapid tests already at several locations in Austria so that a SARS-CoV-2 infection can be detected at an early stage.

Corona test results in 12 minutes or at least 2 hours

At COVID Fighters, we rely on fast test results and the constant improvement of the quality of our test systems. With the PCR Gold Standard Test, your result is available in 2 to 6 hours (PCR Standard) or in up to 24 hours (PCR Standard light), with the Luminescence Antigen Rapid Test within 12 minutes. This is our contribution to restoring security and quality of life!

Let test without waiting

With our PCR gold standard tests and luminescence antigen rapid tests you give yourself and your family a piece of certainty. Arrange your desired appointment online now and come by without having to worry about waiting times and queues! 

Fast and valid COVID-19 test results

We have developed an advanced, local PCR test system for the quick and reliable detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection. After just a few hours, you will receive valid, medically verified test results!

Antigen-Test Covidfighters


Please click on the button "Make an appointment now". There you select the closest Covitainer and the desired test date and pay for the test online immediately.


Registration on-site

Please arrive punctually for the test at the covitainer and take your QR-code, E-card and identity card (passport oder driving licence) with you to register on site.


Corona test

Trained assistants take a nasopharynx swab or perform a gargle test.


The assistant gives the sample to our laboratory staff working on site for evaluation.


Waiting time

The processing of the samples takes only a few hours (PCR test) or minutes (antigen rapid test) after they arrive in our laboratory. In the meantime, you can make your way home.


Test result

You will receive a message via SMS and e-mail and you can view the results by logging into the COVID Fighters website in your user account. 

PCR tests according to the gold standard

With the PCR tests we use, we can detect a possible corona infection a few days before a person is contagious to others. This is made possible by the prompt evaluation on site and the rapid electronic forwarding to the subsequent specialist medical report - and the test subjects receive their PCR test result in at least 2 hours!

Rapid antigen test: result within 12 minutes!

We offer high-quality antigen tests as rapid tests with a test result within 12 minutes - fast, easy and realiable.

Our covitainers

Location Vienna

Lastenstr. 30, 1230 Wien

Location Bruck an der Leitha

Eco-Plus-Park 4. Straße, 2460 Bruck an der Leitha

Location Scheibbs

Eisenwurzenstr. 26, 3270 Scheibbs

Location Linz - Leonding

Im Bäckerfeld 1, 4060 Leonding

Location Graz - Raaba

Dr. Auner Str. 13, 8074 Raaba

Location Horn

Raabser Str. 34, 3580 Horn

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You can also reach us at:

+43 720 980 990
(Monday to sunday from 08:00 to 20:00)

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